“We have used BCS since we started Group DLA and find it an invaluable tool in the running of our business, it reduces administration time and enables all our documents to be in one place and available to all our staff which is really handy when we are all on the go. The support for any issues or questions is fantastic and the support team are able to help us through any issues we get ourselves into in the system.

I couldn’t imagine using any other system, as its so intuitive to use and is easily picked up by any new staff, as such I would recommend BCS to any certification company considering a software system, as we looked at some of the other options around and it was hands down the best choice we could have made”. Charles Slack-Smith, Director of Group DLA

"Beacon Consulting chose to use BCS since our inception in 2010 as it provided an online portal through which our inspectors can access and transmit reports live. The flexibility of the system has allowed us to adjust the fields, templates and document stamping to suit our business needs. Our business wouldn’t exist without the ability for the BCS system to be able to grow with us.

We have peace of mind knowing that our records are secure and are accessible at any time anyplace where ever the internet is available. The monthly fee suits the cash-flow needs of our firm and I can personally vouch for the prompt service BCS offers our staff.

In summary we have enjoyed working with BCS and would recommend this product to both private certifiers and local government". Rodney Byl, Manager Building Certification, Beacon Consulting

We have been using Buildaform, which is now BCS since 2010 and have loved every minute of it. The initial reason why we chose to use it was to reduce our paperwork and ensure we had a safe site to keep our applications together in one contained site for each.

The benefits of this are that if our principal building surveyor needs to do an urgent inspection and can’t access the hard copy of the file, he has everything at his finger tips to be able to carry out the inspection. It has also been useful at meetings for large scale commercial development by being able to access the files instantly for reference. The added advantage is that for legal purposes we are able to keep emails and correspondence together with the file which are easily accessible. The recent upgrade of BCS has meant that our documents have a more professional appearance, as we are able to edit them in Microsoft Word. Whilst we are still getting used to the new system, it is clear that there are many benefits to this. We would strongly recommend BCS as an integral part of our everyday practices in our building certification company. Graham Large, Director & Building Certifier, BCERT Consulting

We have been using Building Certification Systems for over 2 years and have found it to be a very easy to use system.
The customer service from BCS is outstanding, from the onsite training to the fast response to questions or issues I personally have found this to be a standout.

The editable templates work really well for us; with constant legislation changes we can easily modify our standard documentation anytime and with ease and the stamping facility is a breeze to use and also a great timesaver. All our documentation is in one place and we are now moving towards being a paperless office.
All in all BCS is a very user friendly system for all levels of computer user, with great support staff who are constantly improving the system to make it even better. It is definitely one of the best time saving tools we have purchased in a long time. Shelley Sales, Office Manager, Coastline Certification

As a user of the previous “Buildaform” system I have been incredibly impressed with the recent changes to your system now known as “BCS”. The ability for users to be able to customise virtually every feature of the system has been a very productive tool for our business in particular. From customising every item required for inspections to being able to generate our own specific “List of Requirements” the system is very adaptable to an individual certifiers needs.

We now use our iPhones exclusively for carrying out inspections. The ability to be able to customise your inspection items (and required documents) and have that instantly appear in the BCS inspection app has been an extremely useful tool for ensuring a checklist is available to the certifier on site. The customisable inspections has also proven to be a very useful training tool for trainee building certifiers ensuring critical items are not missed during an inspection. As a certifier I am not intimately involved in the quoting and invoicing parts of our business however I understand from our administration people that the system is capable of handling all of these and many other functions. The system seems to have an almost unlimited scope for personalising and integration to one’s business.

In the four and a half years I have been involved with BCS (our company considerably longer) I have found their service and technical assistance to be uncommonly prompt and efficient, in short I would have no hesitation recommending either the product or the company. Darryl Pendlebury, Accredited Certifier, Urban City Consulting

I have been using BCS pool certifier system for just a couple of months. In that time it has lifted my productivity greatly. It has reduced report production and formatting by hours and literally pays for itself for me each month after just one audit. Better than that the support has been fantastic. Email response time has been less than 30mins and I have never had any problem getting straight through to the phone in an emergency. They are also always looking for ways to improve their product for users and have been very receptive to feedback and addressing issues that effect you in the field. I give them a big thumbs up. Stuart Hines, E1 Pool Certifier, Fence Cert

When we started our E1 Pool Fence Certification business we set up our own systems and created new templates for all our work. We relied heavily on a paper based system.

Since moving over to BCS we save a lot of time by cutting out duplication of work - from the admin, to completing assessments and doing up reports.

We are much more organised and in control using BCS. I know where any job is up to in it’s progress with a couple of clicks. Email communication with clients is orderly and consistent.

For me, the best feature of the BCS system is the customer service. Every time I have had a question or issue, my emails and phone calls are replied to quickly and competently. I really appreciate the great product and service and highly recommend BCS.

Kate Walter, Central Coast Pool Fence Certification

I have been working closely with BCS for over 18 months, by using the system for my pool inspection business I have been able to streamline my processes and edit the BCS supplied inspection templates to suit my own personal preferences.

The system helps ensure that you carry out an inspection in an ordered and consistent fashion whilst on site with the mobile app, which prevents mistakes. The document management side of BCS keeps all relevant inspections, certificates, photos & notes within the online job folder, also capturing your outgoing emails which assists with proving that you have met your statutory obligations as an E1 certifier.

The BCS support team has been a pleasure to deal with as they have always been quick to respond to any questions or issues my team or I have had. I would highly recommend the product and the team behind it.

Lee Armstrong, Director, Armstrong projects